Slick Slider for WordPress

Great options with WP slick slider all


Custom types supported

Custom types are supported, and you can define which one you will use.


Choose content by categories

You are able to choose what categories or terms you want to show.


Choose content by taxonomies

You are able to choose the taxonomy you want to use for your slider.

Completely responsive

This slider is responsive and you can manage with the number of the items that will be shown on large, medium, and small screens.

Unlimited sliders per page

You are not limited by the numbers of the sliders per page.

Mixed content

You can use order by taxonomies and terms together as well.

Instructions for wordpress slider – slick slider all

[cs_slick_slider_all post_type=”post”]

[cs_slick_slider_all post_type=”post” post_number=”10″ swipe=”false” responsive=”large=5,medium=3,small=1,exsmall=1″ show_description=”true”][cs_slick_slider_all post_type=”project” taxonomy=”project_cat” terms=”10,14,16″ post_number=”10″ swipe=”false” ]

post_type – select post type
post_number – put the number of the articles you want to show
taxonomy – define taxonomy
terms – put terms id separated by comma
orderby – default: date
order – default: DESC
show_description – true or false
swipe – true or false (determine will the slider be touchable)
responsive – default: large=4,medium=3,small=2,exsmall=1

WordPress slider (slick slider) – Example

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